Sunday, February 20, 2011

On inspiration and dream desks

Sometimes, when I need that little extra push of inspiration, I imagine what my dream desk, office or library would look like. Basically, the amazing, unrealistic place that would turn my okay writing into something that would make Kate Atkinson beg me for advice. (Side note: I have an obsession with Kate Atkinson. More on that later.)

This is my dream desk:

I think the picture is taken in a tree house, which is another fantasy I have. Living in a tree house... maybe that's trying too hard to be an eccentric author. Like somehow developing an addiction and not showering and wearing a beret (in my tree house home) will magically turn me into J.K. Rowling.

Going along the tree house theme, this is my dream library:

I don't think this room is in a tree house, but the loft ceiling and exposed beams make it feel like one. I could imagine curling up on that comfy chair-thing for hours on end. Or just staring off in the distance to let my ideas percolate in my brain. I do that a lot.

Anyway, this is something that helps get my inspiration going! What motivational tricks do you have up your sleeve?



  1. When I need motivation for my writing I either browse the internet aimlessly or close my eyes and just let all the thoughts and images go, kind of like watching a movie, but its really random thoughts and images? Sounds weird, I know, but it actually does help me 90% of the time!

  2. I LOVE your dream pictures. Though I'm not a fan of the dream desk you have, I would love to work in a room surrounded by nature. I love open spaces when I write. I love being able to spread out. I also need cozyness. (I think that's why I dont care for the steel beam in the center of your table.) I like posters and art and throw pillows and adjustable lighting and music and books and candles. However, I think if I was in a room that was too big it would lose the coziness. Hmm...I'll have to think on this some more. Thanks for that.

    <3 Gina Blechman (fellow crusader)

  3. Holly: Thanks for the tip! That sounds like a great way to get your mind going. I also do the aimless internet browsing... :)

    Gina: I love your version of a dream desk or workspace too! I usually am one for cozyness and therefore clutteredness as well, but something about the tree house desk just called to me. :)

  4. Hey, I'd settle for both the desk and the library! :-)

    Here's one of my library dreams:

  5. I do the washing up when I can't think of anything to write. Sometimes the mindless monotony of a rubbish job gets my thoughts flowing. Doesn't always work, but sometimes it helps. And it gets the washing up done, so you generally feel better about things anyway XD

    I couldn't write in your dream room, I don't think. Too much light. Would love to read there, but for writing, I like the dark :)

  6. K.C.: That picture on your blog is wonderfully cluttered! I too can be a packrat and love snuggly places :)

    Liberty: Come to think of it, I do that do! I usually put off the cleaning until I finish whatever task is at hand, but if I'm stuck, it definitely helps to clean up the kitchen, my desk area, organize my closet, etc. It is very therapeutic!